Nino on his Opera voyage in 2015, landed him in Westminster UK Parliament Attlee Suite, Portcullis House where he sang the UK and Ghanaian national anthem beautifully in the presence of London Mayors and several Dignitaries from Africa.Nino

Ghanaians in Parliament along with the London Mayor Candidates were involved in the event which was organised by the African Secretariat in partnership with the Ghana Society UK. The event was organised to discuss ways to foster trade and to build a stronger relationship for the two Countries.


“It was a great moment to represent Ghana international with my voice and it is always a delight working with Maria Lovell (CEO of Ghana Society UK). It is a pleasure to sing to unite nations, hearts and minds to foster good relationships among people no matter the skin colour, race or beliefs. This year is a year for Opera” Nino says.

Nino’s OP_era Tour along with his Choreographers from Ghana promises to be the Best for 2015.


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