A senior Ghanaian official on Friday said it was time Ghana moved away from the traditional methods and applied the digital technology to solve the country’s numerous problems.

Elizabeth Sackey, Deputy Minister for the Greater Accra Region, said it was appropriate for Ghanaians to begin to take ICT policy seriously and apply modern, simple and appropriate digital approach in their daily spheres of life.

Speaking at a ceremony to mark the International Day of Literacy, Sackey said the government had prioritized science and technology innovation as a principal vehicle to drive Ghana’s development.

She said it was time Ghana invested more in the fields of science, technology and ICT in its efforts to catch up with the digital world, fight unemployment, poverty, hunger and disease.

“In particular, specific provisions should consciously take into consideration the need to mainstream digital literacy into national programs, especially in the functional literacy modules,” she said.

The United Nations International Literacy Day, celebrated annually on Sept. 8, is aimed at raising people’s awareness of and concern for literacy issues in the world.

In Ghana, the 2010 population and housing census report put the nation’s illiteracy rate at 28.5 percent. Breaking down, 67 percent of the adult male population was literate as against 46 percent for adult females. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/


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