Azonko Simpi

GHANAIAN MUSICIANS have been urged to ensure that they compose songs with lyrics devoid of profanity but rather compose songs which have good messages that sound very Ghanaian.

Mr. Azonko Simpi, founder of the Classic Africa Orchestral in an interview with this paper, noted that it was sad that some of the country?s musicians were using their music to champion immorality as well as some foreign cultures against what he termed Ghanaian.

He continued that the practice has now become common among the Ghanaian youth and warned that if nothing was done about it, it would go a long way to affect the country, especially the music industry, in future.

According to him, about 95percent of music played by most radio and television stations in the country, did not contain good lyrics, but rather profanity.

He expressed worry over the trend and cautioned that if it was not immediately checked and rectified, the country would certainly lose its cultural value among the youth who were expected to take over from the leaders of today.

He mentioned that because music was considered as the soul of people, it was believed that it also gave direction to them. He added that his views should be seen as a call for quick change in that trend and not as discouragement to young Ghanaian musicians.

?It is time we looked at the promotion of Ghanaian culture which must include a reintroduction of Cultural studies with particular highlight on language, art and music from the basic schools countrywide,? he said.

He  pointed out that the country could only get her exclusive identity by developing and promoting lullabies, social songs, and dirges, which he said every tribe had, not only here in Ghana, but also on the international scene.

He called for the consideration of provision of theatre halls well equipped with Ghanaian musical instruments in every constituency of the country.

?With such in place, the youth would now have the opportunity to practice their hands on some of these instruments and in the long run, will end up developing their interest in their own cultures,? he stated.

From Razak Mardogyz Abubakar, Tema

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