Archbishop Kwaku Frimpong Manson
Archbishop Kwaku Frimpong Manson

The saying that “let your deeds be an example for others to follow” has on countless occasions been made manifest especially in the lives of Ghanaians living in the diaspora.

Archbishop Kwaku Frimpong Manson
Archbishop Kwaku Frimpong Manson

Such example that has over the years been a source of help and hope for many people in the United Kingdom especially those in the Broadwater Farm Estates in Tottenham is Archbishop Kwaku Frimpong Manson.

Following his immense contribution in the BWF, Archbishop Kwaku Frimpong Manson has been named in the Queen of England’s New Year’s Honours list to be awarded a British Empire Medal (BEM).

Most Ghanaians living in the UK identifies with the name of the man who through his charity Organization, Reconciliation International has for the past 25 years in ministry carved a niche for himself as a consummate community leader, consulted by the police as well as other organisations on matters relating to the youth and community affairs.

“I am very proud to be honoured…I wanted to see change and I have seen change. I am 65 but engaged as ever. When you are passionate about your work, there is no need to retire. I live by the motto: the Beauty of life does not depend on how happy you are but how happy others can be because of you”

The Ashanti Region Wiamoase Born Archbishop upon his arrival in the UK in 1987, set up the Born-Again Evangelical Ministries which became a charity Organization 1994 which was later renamed Reconciliation International.

Recognizing the need to be of great help to those who really need it, he moved to the Broadwater Farm Estates in Tottenham in 1991 and became the Chairperson of the Estate in 1994, serving in this capacity until 2009.

In all the years of his work and collaboration, Archbishop Kwaku Frimpong Manson has worked in close links with
many high ranking individuals some of whom are government officials like the former MP for Tottenham, Bernie Grant, the current MP David Lammy, and other leaders of the Ghanaian and Afro-Caribbean UK community in a bid to help improve relations between police and the youth living on the BWF Estate.

Archbishop Frimpong Manson performs his many responsibilities which includes bereavement Counselling, Youth engagement, Police liaison, Pastoral care for Mental Health Services just to name a few all under his Charity Organization.

He works and his passion for humanity has over the years been greatly supported by a great woman who has truly proven the truth in the saying that “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”. Mrs Philipina Nana Yaa Frimpong Manson is the proud and supportive wife of the British Empire Medal candidate and the mother of Archbishop’s five children.

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