The General Overseer of the Glorious Wave Chapel International, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, has said the country’s leaders have failed to improve the living conditions of Ghanaians due to lack of vision.

parliament Speaking on the theme, “Glorious Vision for 2016”, he said despite the numerous resources Ghana was blessed with, the leadership had not been able to utilize them effectively to impact the lives of the people as there was no sense of vision.

“Ghana does not have a vision, that is why the country is going nowhere. Leaders have to be guided by God in order to see where they are going. The country needs to seek God’s direction even in the appointment of people to take up leadership roles.

“A poor leader will execute bad policies that will in turn affect people negatively. Government should take a second look at the appointment of people into leadership positions”, he stated, citing a verse from the book of Habakuk in the Bible.

Speaking on this year’s elections, Prophet Kobi advised Ghanaians to eschew violence in order to keep enjoying the peace and stability the country had enjoyed over the years.

He appealed to political parties to desist from using inflammatory language on their political opponents during their campaigns.

He asked Ghanaians to remain calm and look forward to a peaceful election even though the country will experience a few challenges prior to the elections.

He expressed worry about the state of corruption in the country saying that, “Corruption is killing the country and people should be mindful of using dubious ways to enrich themselves.”

“Society should not be interested in ill-gotten wealth but rather take a step by step approach to prosper. People should be content with whatever they have and trust God because at the appointed time their blessings will come even if it takes a number of years”.

As part of the programme Prophet Kobi donated a car to Mr Nicholas Omane Acheampong, a popular Ghanaian gospel musician for transforming the lives of many people through his music.



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