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Ghanaian Hausa dialect
The Ghanaian Hausa dialect (Gaananci), spoken in Ghana and western Côte d’Ivoire, represents the westernmost spoken Hausa dialect in geography. Gaananci forms a separate group, as it now falls outside the contiguous Hausa-dominant area, and is usually identified by the use of c for ky, and j for gy. This is attributed to the fact that Ghana’s Hausa population descend from Hausa-Fulani traders settled in the zongo districts of major trade-towns up and down the previous Asante, Gonja and Dagomba kingdoms stretching from the sahel to coastal regions, in particular the cities of Tamale, Salaga, Bawku, Bolgatanga, Achimota, Nima and Kumasi. Because of this, and the surrounding Akan, Gur and Mande languages, Gaananci was historically isolated from the other Hausa dialects. Despite this difference, grammatical similarities between Sakkwatanci and Ghanaian Hausa determine that the dialect, and the origin of the Ghanaian Hausa people themselves, are derived from the Northwestern Hausa area surrounding Sokoto.

There are inflected influences from Zarma, Gur and Soninke in Gaananci, owing to the area being the linguistic boundary between the predominantly Mandinka and Gur peoples, originating to the west in Mali, and the Hausa and Zarma, owing their origins to the east in the traditional Hausa lands in northern Nigeria and Niger.

Hausa is also widely spoken by non-native Gur and Mande Ghanaian Muslims, but differs from Gaananci, and rather has features consistent with non-native Hausa dialects. Credit:

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