Martin Poku

Martin Opoku


THE APRIL edition of the Ashfoam Monthly Medal Golf Tournament will go down in history as one of the best organized golf tournaments at the Royal Golf Club in Kumasi.

Apart from the proper organization of the one-day event, seasoned golfers that were on parade exhibited great golfing skills to the large crowd present.

Kwabena Poku emerged the winner in the Men?s Group A with 71 score followed by Wajih Sabaali, 72 and E. Ofori Atta, 77 in that order.

Ato Burndan won the Men?s Group B category with 71 score with Kari Taidu and Andrew Grant finishing second and third with 72 and 75 scores respectively.

In the Ladies? Group A, R. Khalil placed first with 73 score followed by F. Okyei Gyabuor, 78. Vivian Dick won the Group B version with 71 score as C.Y. Nyarko came second with 73.

Kwame Korsah finished tops in the Pros? Category  with 70 score, Effah Poku came second with 76 and Peter Korsah came third with 79 score.

Daniel Acheampong was first in the Boys? Group A with 41 score, followed by Francis Nkrumah, 43. The Boys? Group B was won by Barima K. Dua, 49 and Suglo David came second with 64 score.

In a chat with DAILY GUIDE SPORTS, Martin Poku, captain of the Royal Golf Club, expressed joy over the level of play exhibited by the golfers that participated in the tournament.

Played every month, the tournament is to ensure that golfers reduce their handicap and improve on their play and it is also to ensure oneness among the golfers.

Mr. Poku said the tournament?s aim had been achieved so far, commending Ashfoam for its invaluable support which had helped to make the tournament successful.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi


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