Ghanaian Fashionistas et al do Blunt Bangs 2012


Perfect blunt bangs are long, modern and show-stopping-ly fabulous -a la Jane Birkin.

Benedicta Tweneboa-Kodua aka Nana [Model]

Former M-net Face of Africa contestant, Benedicta Tweneboa-Kodua now known by her professional modelling name -Nana, is one of my favourite looks -here. Her hair looks healthy and natural (it could well be her own -with some weave at the back) and shiny and frames her beautiful little face -perfectly. My only wish -that the back was longer…and the front -fuller.


An example of the perfect blunt bang, -this model demonstrates that to get it right, the fringe needs to be long and sharp…

Ghanaian Fashionistas do Blunt Bangs….2012

This beautiful lady’s fringe suits her.

Nikki Samonas [Actress]

Actress Nikki Samonas goes for a daring fun look in this blonde wig version -and gets it just right. A look that can go very ‘dancehall queen’ on some has added a pop of funky sexiness and colour to Nikki’s look. Its also a fabulous way for Nikki to find out if bangs suit her or not. A note of caution, very few women of colour can get away with blonde hair without looking like they walk/work around Kwame Nkrumah circle at night..!!!!

Noelle Bonner [Blogger -]

It doesn’t matter what uber fashion blogger and Ghana Rising fave, Noelle Bonner ( does -right? She always looks beautiful. Her innate sense of style, her eye for detail and model figure means Noelle can executes any look with enough verve to -make it work.  This is another of my favourite looks here -but be warned, only Ms Bonner can get away with this edgy red look, -its bound to look less stylish and more ‘street’ on mere mortals.

Ghanaian Fashionistas do Blunt Bangs….2012

Ghanaian Fashionistas do Blunt Bangs….2012

I know I shouldn’t like this …


Ama K. Abebrese [Actress]

Actress Ama K. Abebrese [on the right] looks fabulously rock’n’roll. Is it me or is there something of the Zoe kravitz about her tousled hair? Executed just right -a tad more……. and it would have looked too wiggy!!!

Grace Safo [Model]

Accra based model and Ghana Rising fave, Grace Safo is sooo beautiful that she can get away with any look. I love how her fringe (although its not quiet long enough) – frames her beautiful face -perfectly. This is nearly -perfect..

Celebrity Bangs..

Rihanna goes incognito with her fake red version…

Yvonne Okoro [Actress]

Actress Yvonne Okoro’s tousled, feathery style is soft, lovely and suits her. Whoever weaved her hair should be commend…

Deborah Vanessa Owusu-Bonsu [TV Presenter & Model]

TV Presenter and model Deborah Vanessa Owusu-Bonsu looks uber young and fun in this red wig version. Honestly, I’m not a fan of fake red hair but it suits her fair complexion -and offers Deborah an alternative on-trend look -without her having to go the whole hog.

Ghanaian Fashionistas do Blunt Bangs….2012

what’s not to love?…………….
Bertha Owusu [CEO and founder of Project Walkway]..

CEO and founder of Project Walkway, Bertha Owusu looks pretty and feminine, although a tad more and it would have looked too heavy and wiggy.

This tousled [fluffy] red weave version should leave me cold but actress Nadia Buari [centre] totally gets away with it. She looks pretty, feminine and soft. I prefer to see her with dark brown tresses -as it looks more natural.
 Wow singer Raquel looks absolutely fabulous in her dark bangs with purple highlights (not that I’m advocating purple highlights -you hear, I personally think it can….look very ghetto). I don’t know how but she’s managed to look stylish with this ‘street’ interpretation of the fashionable bangs.

Sandra Ankobiah [TV Presenter]

I can barely recognise Fashion 101’s Sandra Ankobiah here [on the right] with what I believe is a wig version. Ms Ankobiah has a lovely face, and I prefer her hair -off her face. I think she would look fabulous with a fierce high-fashion ponytail and hoop earrings combo…

Dpipertwins [fashion Designers]

Fans of blunt bangs, fashion designers, the Dpipertwins always look fabulous and on-trend.

Celebrity Bangs..

Beyonce’s has the world’s top hairstylists on her speed dials -so its not surprising La Carter always gets it right!!!


Efya [Singer]

 Songstress Efya looks cute but I wish that she had pushed the envelope and opted for a longer length at the back.
**Fierce, eye scraping blunt bangs or fringe -depending on which side of the pond you’re on -are doing their rounds in the upper echelons of Ghanaian fashionable society. The trend for heavy bangs started last year and just keeps on going, -even though said hairstyle is more successful on some than others (see above)..

Sexy, modish and a fabulous way to frame a pretty face -this global fashionista favourite can be quiet severe and is sooooooo not for wall flowers -as it demands attention…

I love and prefer the razor-sharp, structured, smoother bangs -although the more wispy bangs, feathery bangs, side sweeping bangs, waved look and dare I say -puffier, more rounded bangs as seen here on Nadia Buari, are easier to achieve … and take less work.

Bangs are a personal favourite of mine and I’ve worn said look more times than I care to remember  -but its hard work folks! You have to wrap your hair at night [silk scarves are best] or its going to look horrible. You have to pin your fringe back to apply your make-up and forget about getting it wet whilst showering -it’s a nightmare!!!

Its also hard to get this style right, but you are more likely to be successful [and achieve some of the yummy looks I’ve thrown into the mix], -if you have your hair weaved by the best in town and then visit a Toni & Guy hair saloon or another high-end Caucasian hair saloon , -as they are trained to cut the perfect boob. Note, this look also demands a good quality ceramic hair straightener -GHD’s latest model is good.

Note, perfect,  successful blunt bangs are high-maintenance and should [in my opinion] be well defined and sharp but as you can clearly see from above its near impossible to achieve -so why not opt for a wig version like actress Nikki Samonas or TV presenter and model, Deborah Vanessa Owusu-Bonus -who’s sporting a fun red version above -before going the whole hog -remember, bangs don’t suit everybody.


If you are going to go for it …aim for this..

This hasn’t gone according to plan but with her beautiful face, punky pink lips and verve -she gets away with it -and looks quiet rock’n’roll…..

I want this wispy look …now!!!but she looks as-cute-as-a-button.

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