21th August 2013

On Saturday, 6th September 2013, the Ghana Diaspora Desk, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Flagstaff House, will organise a Business Conference. I am sure the aim of such a Conference is to expose Ghanaian Diasporeans (who will be present) to the business opportunities which they can exploit on their final return to Ghana. The Conference will also link them up with Ghanaian ventures which are already operational.


It will be an eye-opener to the sort of support and assistance they can get from both the government and the Chamber of Commerce. Ghana, being a middle income country, has opportunities in business to be exploited. A market gap or niche can be found in areas such as tourism, agriculture, education, health, IT, transport, manufacturing, real estate and mining. It is because of these market gaps in our economy that attracts Chinese to come in in their numbers to settle in our rural areas. With increased inflow of remittances from Ghanaians in the Diaspora, it is believed that Diasporeans can make an impact and big difference if some of them finally decide to relocate back home to Ghana.


There have been instances of Ghanaian Diasporean returnees who have returned to Ghana to engage in many successful enterprises, and who have not looked back since, because they have done far much better than when they were away in the Diaspora. One such example is an IT guru called Dr Amoah. Another is the founder and owner of Ashesi University, Patrick Awuah. There are numerous examples. This goes to prove the aphorism, ?East, west, home best.?


There are many Ghanaians out there like me who are skeptical about going home, because they have been out long and they have lost touch with the economic and social trends at home. They have heard many negative things said on how tough things are at home. But these notwithstanding, many returnees have not regretted it at all. I know one guy who was almost a pauper here in Lusaka, but on return to Ghana, he took a bold decision to go for his master?s degree, and now he is a big guy with Ghana International School in Accra.


I know one other guy who runs a big spare parts shop at Aboso Okai in Accra. Another one is a big time retailer in Agona Swedru. Diasporeans have many advantages over home-based businessmen in Ghana in view of their exposure, and perhaps, having the seed capital to start with. It is not easy at first to break into the business circuit in Ghana because you need not less than a year in Ghana to study the trends, lay your business? plans and then settle into a niche which you can exploit. Relatively, labour is cheaper in Ghana.


Besides, there is a lot of goodwill on the part of our Government to support returnee Diasporeans with ideas, information and the wherewithal to succeed. In case you will be in Ghana by 6th September, 2013, make sure to attend the Ghana Diaspora Business Conference. You may contact Joseph Amankwatia at Asempa FM Radio or Mr. Kwaku Yeboah of the Ghana Diaspora Desk at Flagstaff House. Their contact emails are as follows:-

[email protected];?? [email protected];

[email protected]


Stay blessed.

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