Ghanaian Comedian Foster Romanus set for “Jesus Laughs Too”


Biblical comedy show ‘Jesus Laughs Too’ will  be staged by a stand – up comedian and actor,Foster Romanus at Prince of Peace Presby Church, Atomic Energy – Haatso down.romanus

The main aim of the event it to launch his ministry and raise funds for the less privileged to enable them to enjoy the blessed life of God.

From Romanus he expatiated “I am a Christian and as part of my duties, I believe I’m to spread the gospel and the best way I can is by using my talent, which is comedy, aside the normal preaching. Basically, it is to launch a ministry as well as raise funds for the less privilege in the society,” Foster

He  added  “My  ministry will look beyond donations and focus on how to solve pressing issues which will be in the interest of societies“.

“We are looking at providing lasting solutions for people. In a region where you have a number of homeless people, we can put up a building in a village which can house as many people as it can so they get shelter. If people are brilliant but needy, you pay for their fees for a certain period you can. We are looking outside Accra because there are a lot of people concentrating on Accra but many people outside Accra also need support,” he intimated.

Foster made mention of the fact that there will be a number  of shows after the launch to continue raising funds. According to him, these are comedy shows,and it has all its scope and basics from the bible as he seeks to bring a sense of humour from it .

Jesus Laughs Too” will mainly be toured in churches. We are  set to bring you fun out of Genesis and we will do keep you updated with blessed fun stories till we exhaust the bible and also hope to put it on a national stage as well he noted .

You are special called by Romanus to support  the vision in other to put  smiles on the faces on the less privileged.

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