DJme Here?s How Much Money Ghanaian Artists Make For A 30-Minute Performance DJme

DJ Mensah in an exclusive interview with has revealed Ghanaian DJ?s are earning less than they deserve.
The DJ, known for his work with BET award-winner Sarkodie revealed:

?As at now, artistes are now way ahead of DJs in terms of the cheques they are collecting because I know artistes who are earning 50K to 60K to perform for 25 minutes.

?I think some of us haven?t branded ourselves well and so when we mention an amount we think we deserve, it?s difficult for the organizers to accept it because they believe there are several other DJs who are willing to play the same gig for free. As a DJ, you have to build the brand so well so you can earn a living.

?Every DJ now believes they are the best and when an opportunity comes and we help each other to get in. It?s even very difficult for us to meet. It?s hard and everyone is trying to hustle and find their way.

?Whenever you see us on stage, what you see is not rehearsed. It?s real and made right in the moment. We don?t plan ahead because we don?t know what the crowd will be like; I make the playlist by looking at the crowd minutes before we come on.?



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