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With only a category for Ghanaian International DJs in the upcoming Ghana DJ Awards, Ghanaian DJs residing abroad have complained  of a seeming ‘unfairness’ on the part of organizers for allocating only one category for them in the first ever honorary programme for Ghanaian DJs.

DJ Bonsu,  a celebrated Ghanaian DJ plying his trade in the United States, noted that a lot of Ghanaian DJs who resided outside the country promoted Ghanaian music just as their colleagues back home, adding that at parties organized for non-Ghanaians, DJs played Ghanaian songs “to promote the music from home”.

DJ Akua, one of Ghana’s female DJs who were tipped to be a keen competition to DJ Kess of Y FM in the Best Female DJ category, was not eligible to apply because, according to the eligibility statement of the programme, applicants for the category “must be based in Ghana”.

Though disappointed, she expressed her excitement about the constitution of the honors and sent a congratulatory message to Merqury Republic, the organizers, for adding value to DJing in Ghana. DJ Nice, another Ghanaian DJ in the States, got very disappointed when he realized that he was not eligible for the Hiplife DJ, Highlife DJ and Club DJ categories.

According to him, more categories should have been created for Ghanaian DJs overseas to encourage them to play more Ghanaian music. In an interview, he confirmed that he had filled for the Ghanaian International DJ of the Year and hoped to be nominated.

In an interview to get a response from Merqury Republic Events, organizers of the awards, they expressed their appreciation of the genuine concerns raised by the international DJs and explained that the suggestions and concerns would be reviewed and addressed accordingly in subsequent editions.

Source : NewsOne


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