ghana festGhanaFest is an annual cultural event which also seeks to promote and project Ghanaian culture in the Republic of South Africa and educate the growing number of Ghanaians born in South Africa and other nationals, about the rich Ghanaian culture, including its unique cuisine. Ghanaian products, cultural objects and textiles.

Celebrities like Diamond, Guru,EL, Mzbel, Edem, etc. have graced the occasion in previous years.

GhanaFest South Africa is a creative idea brought together by Kwaku Asare and Mavis Anim (MayMay Production) held the first GhanaFest in South Africa in 2011.

This year?s exciting cultural fiesta will be held on 21th September, 2014 at Park in Pretoria from 15h00pm to 22h00pm with the objective to cement South Africa/Ghana relations and forge unity among the entire African communities in the Pretoria/Johannesburg areas.

The community event which is brought to Ghanaians living in South Africa by the South African High Commission in collaboration with the Ghanaian community in South Africa, will see a series of events including games spanning: Oware, Ludo, to Ampe. There will also be an arts and craft showcase with several products from Ghana on display.

The highly anticipated event to attract dignitaries from the Ghanaian community and beyond and from all walks of life will be crowned by a huge musical concert with performance by many artists. In an interview with Mavis Anim (MayMay Production), she revealed? to mustaphainusah.Com that their efforts are to bring Ghanaians together, network, and to have business interests in South Africa.

?GhanaFest is to unite Ghanaians in South Africa, promote Ghanaian culture, provide avenue of assistance for Ghanaians in need and educate the growing number of Ghanaians born in South Africa who have not been to Ghana before to witness the richness of Ghanaian culture.

?This is a good attempt to get the Ghanaians together?culture is a uniting cord, GhanaFest will enhance the knowledge of many people of Ghanaian culture? she said.

She added that, with collaboration with the Ghana High Commission and the Ghanaian Community in South Africa, they invite potential sponsors for this annual cultural event dubbed ?Ghana-Fest? as in the past, the success of their event has largely been due to the contributions of their sponsors, who have gone out of their way to lend financial support to this event.

Mustapha Inusah/MustaphaInusah.Com


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