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Ghana Passports


I am downloading the form on the internet. Why should I pay?

The form is placed online to relieve applicants of the burden of requesting the forms by mail. It is not free.

I do not have any relatives living in the U.S.

You can substitute relatives living in the U.S with relatives living in Ghana.

Where can I thumb print the form (section 16)?

The form can be thumb printed at any Post Office or a Notary Public near you.

Who should complete section 15(witness) on the application form?

Section 15 can be completed by anyone including a notary public. Please provide accurate address and phone number.

The date of birth in my passport is wrong. How can I change it?

To change the date of birth in your passport, you must include the original birth certificate issued before the passport was processed or a court affidavit.

I have a valid visa in my passport. Will it be valid when I get a new passport?

Yes. We will indicate at the back of your new passport that you previously travelled on the old passport, which has a valid visa. Please be advised that you must carry both passports with you so long as the visa in the old passport remains valid.

I am coming out- of- state. Will my passport be issued the same day?

No. We do not have a same day service.

Do you have an expedited service?

Within a minimum of 72 hours and at the request of an applicant, an additional $50 shall be paid for expedited service for renewal of passports only. this does not include the processing of a missing passport.

The Police in my area say they do not issue reports for lost passports. What should I do?

Please provide in writing the name, city, state, and phone number of the police station and include it with your application.

My application was sent back to me because my pictures were not clear. Please explain?

The pictures should be taken full face with a white background and must be clear. Your face (including your eyes and ears) must show clearly.

I am mailing my application from outside the U.S. How do I arrange courier service?

Please call the courier service in your country and make pick-up arrangements.

Do you accept personal checks or credit cards?

No. We only accept money orders and cashier’s checks. Cash payments are accepted if the application is dropped-off at the Embassy.

Do I need to send a return envelope for the return of my passport?

Yes. You need to send a prepaid FedEx overnight envelope or an Express mail return envelope from the Post Office. You need to send an envelope with a tracking number. Please do not send a regular envelope.

I am a Ghanaian but currently hold American citizenship. Can I apply for a Ghanaian passport?

Yes. But you must first apply for dual citizenship. To apply for a passport, send a copy of your dual citizenship certificate and card; a completed passport form; four passport pictures; $200 processing fee; and an overnight prepaid return envelope.


What are the requirements for conveying dead bodies to Ghana?




Embalming by US standard method


Use of Hermetically sealed casket


Use of all wood outer shipping container


All documents submitted should be in triplicate (Original and two photocopies)


Certified copy of death certificate


Locally issued burial and or transit permit


Embalmers’ (non-contagious ) affidavit


Two non-contagious disease letter from local health authority



Certified copy of the death certificate


Cremation certificate


Hermatically sealed container

Forward required information to Embassy of Ghana, 3512 International Dr. NW, Washington D.C.

Tel: (202) 686-4520  Fax: (202) 244-2280

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