Wheelchair MiniGolf
Wheelchair MiniGolf

The Ghana Wheelchair Minigolf Association (GAWMA) has officially been outdoored at a brief ceremony in Accra.

The newly formed association under the Ghana Minigolf Federation would seek to identify, train and develop talents in the country as well as promoting wheelchair mini golf among wheelchair users.


Mr. Wilson Agbesi, President of the GAWMA, speaking at the inauguration of the association, was delighted with the formation of the newly formed sporting discipline and remains hopeful of taking the sport to greater heights in the next few years.

”Minigolf, cuts across all age limits, what I mean is that it’s a game that can be played by children, the youth, middle age class and also the elderly, is a game that requires more focus and accuracy than use of lot of energy as compared to other sports for persons with disability.

‘Research indicates that they are a lot of senior citizens who are confined in a wheelchair and have love for sports and wish to take part in some sporting activities to keep them active but have not been able to get themselves involved in any of the other disability sporting disciplines due to the energy required by those disciplines.

”So this is a great opportunity for such individuals to take up wheelchair mini golf which serves as a way of promoting inclusion in society,” he said.

He also stated that he and his executive members would work hard in making the sport visible, develop and promote it to the standard it deserves.

The inauguration of the association was graced by Mr Talal Fatah, President of the Africa Minigolf who doubles as the President of the Ghana Minigolf Federation.


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