In recent years Personal Branding has become a major topic of discussion and attraction for entrepreneurs, businesses and job seekers.

Its benefits are gargantuan. In the quest to educate and empower more individuals and corporations in that area, BKC Consulting, a professional and personal development consulting company, primarily known for their training workshops such as ?e-Publishing? and ?Social Media Branding? is organizing the first ever ?Personal Branding Summit?? in Ghana. To be held on August 10th, 2013, 10:30 AM at the Airport West Hotel, Accra.

The Event Scope:

The summit?s goal is to fully equip participants on the essence of personal branding in this era, for personal and professional development.

The event will enable participants to utilize available mediums such as social media networking, formal and informal interaction to grow their career aspirations. For graduate students, this will equip them in building a great personal brand for career search, using social media, blog, brand management and reputation.

In this ground-breaking event, participants will discover how to:

Reinvent themselves at any stage of their lives.Make their brand go viral.Build a positive self-esteemBecome their company?s brand ambassadorDiscover the critical skills they need to succeed at work and social media skills for career success.Become a subject matter expert and stand out at workValuable networking techniques that will help you be moreExplore available job recruitment and job search using social media and Maintain your reputation and credibility in business.

Target Audience: Branding Summit targets young employees, college graduates, business executives, musicians, authors, speakers, etc

Package: Certificate/Personal Branding Book/ Souvenir/ Refreshment

Cost: 30GHC

Registration: To register CALL: 0244961121, 0201161886


| Personal Development | Publishing | Podcasting | Product, Packaging & Promotion | Career Development |

Date: 10th August 2013. Venue: West Airport Hotel, Time: 10:30 AM to 3:30

Resource Persons:

Mike Nyeneku CEO, Beige GroupTopic: Corporate Branding: Local to GlobalBen Boateng, GM, Lexta GH. Ltd. & CEO, Talent Management International (TMi)Topic: Customer Service, Presentation & MarketingGrace Amey-Obeng, CEO, FC Skin & Beauty ClinicTopic: Personal/Corporate Image: Grooming for SuccessBernard Kelvin Clive, Amazon Bestselling Author, CEO, BKC Consulting Topic: Social Media Branding/e-Publishing revolution.Personal Branding Essence

Package: Certificate/Personal Branding Book/ Souvenir/ Refreshment

Price: 30GHC

To register CALL: 0244961121, 0201161886


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