Franklin Ashiadey
Mr. Franklin Ashiadey

…to track goverment revenues
By Francis Tandoh

West African country, Ghana has begun preparations towards establishing an assaying laboratory by the middle of 2016 to certify the production of gold and other minerals for export and domestic use.

Franklin Ashiadey
Mr. Franklin Ashiadey

National Coordinator for the Ghana Extractive Industries Initiative (GHEITI), Franklin Ashiadey disclosed to Xinhua at a workshop over the weekend in the Central Region (Province) town of Elmina, 158 km west of the Ghanaian capital.
He disclosed consultants were currently working on the procurement of equipment for the laboratory to be sited at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA), the first for the country which has been mining gold and other minerals for over a century.
Mining firms, including AngloGold Ashanti, Goldfields and Newmont after production take the gold to their refineries outside the country to be able to ascertain the purity or otherwise and value of the mineral who are then issued with refinery certificates.
Based on the refinery certificate, one is able to know the purity of the quality of the gold that has been exported hence determining how much revenue government generates.
Many have however raised eyebrow over the practice since the mining firms may not provide accurate information thereby affecting Ghana government revenue.
Boa Amponsem of Boa & Associates based here in Accra who prepares the reports for the GHEITI told Xinhua in an interview the nation could benefit a lot from the establishment of an assaying laboratory here.
?The idea of having our own assaying laboratory is that before the gold even goes out, we will take a sample and ensure that we have also checked the quality internally here so that when whatever goes out and comes back, we can also compare to what we have here so it?s a means of more or less checking and ensuring that the qualities that are indicated by companies are correct.
We can also have data for areas which we have not worked on yet. The exploration companies or even the minerals commission can engage people to conduct exploration and we will have the test so we know the areas that have gold even before companies come and especially as they are thinking of giving concessions out through bidding, we will be able to know areas that are already rich before they are given out,? Amponsem remarked.
An assaying laboratory involves scientific testing of minerals to ascertain the purity of gold and other minerals as well as its value.
The establishment of the laboratory in the West African country will help in ascertaining the quality and purity of gold exports from Ghana, thereby determining the actual value and the proceeds that would have to go to the government.
Tanzania, which started exploration of gold in less than two decades ago, is one of the countries in the world that has an assaying laboratory. Enditem.

Source: Xinhua


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