National Identification Authority Building
National Identification Authority Building

Presenting the 2016 budget to Parliament, Tekper said a national ID database had become necessary to provide robust official identity for delivering particular services, including the creation of a new voters register.

National Identification Authority Building
National Identification Authority Building

He said recent developments point to the need for a unique and comprehensive national identification system which, among others, will absorb existing identification systems including tax identification numbers, voter identification as well as public sector employee identification numbers.

“Consequently, the Office of the President has directed a re-launch of the national identification numbering system which will address the weaknesses in the current identification system,” he said.

The NIA was set up in 2006 under the Office of the President with the mandate to issue national identity cards and manage the country’s national identification system.

It undertook the registration of Ghanaians in 2010 but had so far issued few of the identity cards to the people.

Following heated debate on the alleged bloated voters register for the 2016 general election in Ghana, some political parties and think-tanks have suggested the use of the national identity card to sanitize the system.
According to them, the only way to enhance the credibility of the voters register was to revive the National Identification system.

Tekper announced that as a result of complaints from some stakeholders on the quality of the voters register, the commission would take the requisite steps to ensure a credible register prior to the general elections.

In addition, the commission would fully enforce the Political Parties Law to ensure compliance with all provisions in the law especially the submission of audited accounts and maintaining the requisite number of offices nationwide. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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