Sub-Saharan Africa is currently bustling with progress and by many measures, have come to defy its age old trend where periods expected to be that of growth have rather been ones characterized with prolonged stagnation and volatility. Growth from the late 1990’s through to the turn of the century has been impressive and robust.

unnamed (2)Economic IDEAS Festival (EIF 2015) is constituted to be the continent’s most distinguished platform to discuss economic issues that matter most; especially by young professionals, both on the continent and in the diaspora. Economic Ideas Festival is enshrined in specific core principles —ones which seek to re-examine, re-think and re-establish new and relevant economic thinking to solve the continent’s most pressing economic needs.

It is a one stop gathering of young minds to discuss, debate and to initiate concrete and strategic solutions to tackle the continent’s many economic challenges.
EIF 2015 is set to attract delegates from over 25 countries

from 5 ? 7 August, 2015 in Accra-Ghana


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