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Ghana is making huge efforts to make biometric passport acquisition very accessible to citizens, a senior official said here on Wednesday.

Mohammed Habib Tijani, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, told the media that his outfit has taken steps to find a durable solution to the challenge of acquiring passports and strenuous efforts were being made to ensure that the nightmare of passport acquisition was a thing of the past.

The issuance of biometric passports in Ghana has been characterized by substantial delays and huge backlog, which have constantly drawn complaints from passport applicants.

Many applicants, in their desperation, illegally pay huge sums of money to unauthorized facilitators to by-pass the tedious bureaucratic processes.

But applicants have also accused passport officials of deliberately making the process cumbersome, a situation that compels applicants to pay bribes.

Tijani noted that the ministry would soon extend the biometric application service to nationals living Asia, notably China, South America and the Middle East.

He said with the introduction of issuance of biometric passports in six of the country’s missions abroad, the acquisition of the document has been brought a step closer to the doorsteps of Ghanaians in the diaspora.

Hitherto, citizens of Ghana living abroad had to travel all the way down home to renew their biometric passports upon their expiration.

But now, for instance, Ghanaians living in Europe could take just a day’s journey to either Berlin or London to renew their biometric passport without the need to come to Ghana, and have their passports delivered to them within two weeks of putting in an application, if all the information provided was accurate, said Tijani.

The Director of Passports at the Foreign Ministry Emmanuel Enos urged Ghanaians to patronize the online passport application service officially launched in December 2016 to ease the mode of passport application for Ghanaians while ensuring maximum security for applicant. Enditem

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