Ghanaian President John Dramani Mahama has announced a project to expand the country’s heavily congested prisons, local media reported here Monday.

The project includes the expansion of the accommodation facilities in prisons and assign a tertiary institution to establish distance learning courses for certain prisoners.

Mahama announced the plan when he was visiting the Nsawam Medium Prisons at the weekend.
In April, members of the Ghana Prisons Council invited Mahama to visit some prison facilities to acquaint himself with the plight there.
Mahama said his visit made him know that the prisons were really congested and steps need to be taken immediately to improve the condition.

“One of my lessons I learnt here is that the Nsawam facility that was supposed to accommodate 851 prisoners now take in 3,513 inmates, which is creating uncomfortable conditions for them,” he said.

He urged the director general of the Ghana Prisons Service to present a proposal for remission of sentences for those prisoners who had demonstrated good behavior, as well as the aged and the sick.
One day before July 1, when the 55th anniversary of Ghana’s Republic was marked, the president granted amnesty to 900 prisoners.

The pardon was granted on basis of ill health, advanced age and satisfactory behavior of prisoners.
These included 883 first offenders of good behavior who had served half or more of their sentences, one elderly prisoner, and one prisoner who was very ill.

To protest against the poor condition in prison, prisoners in the Kumasi Central Prisons, some 270km north of the capital Accra, in April rioted following the outbreak of a fire in the facility. Enditem


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