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Ghana To Build Hospice For Terminally-ill People


Monsignor Alex Benson and the Catholic Archdiocese of Koforidua have begun plans to construct the first hospice in Ghana.


The project dubbed ?Matthew 25 Hospice? would serve as a homely place where terminally-ill persons would be kept and given professional healthcare.

It is a place meant for patients to spend their last days on earth in dignity without being a burden to their busy family members.

To realise this vision, the wife of the Vice President, Matilda Amissah-Arthur, was in Koforidua, on Friday, to cut the sod for the beginning of the almost GH?2billion project at Osabene.

In her speech, she lauded the efforts of Monsignor Benson and the Catholic Church for the initiative.

She noted that the Hospice would need the support of all and sundry to become a reality and urged family members not to see the Hospice as a solitary place where they could dump their sick relations.

Mrs Amissah-Arthur appealed to the public not to resent the Hospice, but rather see it as a relief that would help care for their loved ones.

The Parish Priest of Christ the King Parish, in Accra, Very Rev Fr Andrew Campbell who was also at the sod cutting ceremony to support the event observed that ?people rather concentrate extensively on the pains that come with sickness and tend to forget about how to find remedies to them.?

?We need the hospice where sick persons would be taken good care of as dignified persons, give them physical psychological and spiritual needs,? he stressed.

The Bishop of Koforidua Catholic Diocese, Bishop Joseph Afrifah-Agyekum, observed that two ultimate things which posed as major challenges to people were sickness and death.

He noted, ?Hospices recognise human dignity from the womb to the tomb and render important services to the dying or terminally-ill persons, and serve as a form of relief for family members.?

The Regional Director of Ghana Health Services, Dr McDaniel Dedjoe, said, ?Hospices are needed and very important in the health service.?

He promised the Ghana Health Services would partner Matthew 25 Hospice and the Koforidua Archdiocese in the provision of technical extensions and the construction of future hospices.

An unspecified amount of cash was realised from a fundraising as a seed capital for the project.

Persons who may want to donate towards the Matthew 25 Hospice Project may do so through the NIB Koforidua branch accounts number 4021 under the name Matthew 25 Hospice Project.

If the project becomes successful, it would be the first of its kind in the Sub-Saharan Africa.

Currently in Africa, there are hospices in only Uganda, Zimbabwe and South Africa. 

From: Rocklyn Antonio, Osabene-Koforidua


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