As part of its efforts of bringing the best eye care treatment to the door-steps of Ghanaians, an Indian Eye Specialist, Prof. Dr. Amar Agarwal, has taken a giant move by establishing a new state-of-the-art eye care facility in Accra.

This ultra-modern eye hospital based in Ghana is aimed at giving the average Ghanaian the best eye care treatment in order to help eradicate near blindness cases amongst Ghanaians at a very affordable rates as part of its social responsibility.

Interacting with Journalists in Accra, Prof. Dr. Amar Agarwal, stated unequivocally that the new technology which is the first of its kind in Ghana, will go a long way to help to curb the high rate of eye problems and other eye related issues in Ghana. Thereby making Ghana and other nations a blind free country.

“The first ever ‘Keratoprothesis’ surgery with the start-of-the-art equipment is here in Ghana by Dr. Agarwals’s Eye Hospital. A procedure that would restore sight for many who cannot benefit from cornea transplant. Keratoprothesis is a surgical procedure where a diseased cornea is replaced with an artificial cornea”, he elucidated.

According Eye Specialist, the advanced diagnostic and eye care treatment with optical facility ensures comprehensive eye care under one roof, and saves time, money and the stress of traveling abroad for retinal treatment for serious cataract surgeries, glaucoma management and pediatric eye care

“This is the story of 29 years female with extremely poor vision for 4years. She developed Steven Johnson syndrome – which is a disease of ocular surface following treatment of malaria which affected her vision. Her vision in her both eye was PL+.

She was dependent on family member for day to day activities. She was not able to go around, watch TV, and eat food. She got operated in Dr. Agarwal’s eye hospital with this special surgery called Keratoprothesis.

One eye was done on 31.08.17 and the other eye on 29.10.17. After the surgery day 1 patient had vision almost 95%, she went around the city seeing the places,” he disclosed.

Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital operates in 14 countries across the globe in over 67 hospitals, and Ghana is the 16th country in Africa where the hospital is operating.

Dr. Asiwome Kwesi Seneadza, also seized the opportunity to advise all and sundry to avoid self-medication and rather seek medical advice from the specialists. This he said, the practice has a serious health implication to the human body; especially the eyes.

He has therefore entreated Ghanaians to embrace Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital because their motive is to make Ghana a blind- free country.

By: Isaac Kofi Dzokpo/


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