The Ghana Technology University College (GTUC) has organised the 12th edition of its prestigious lecture, bringing to fore grave leadership challenges responsible for the myriad of problems militating against the country?s progress.

Joyce Aryee
Joyce Aryee

The country is currently faced with power crisis, falling cedi against the major currencies, rising public sector debt, and high wage bill, a situation government says it is putting in place long-term measures to reverse.

But speaking at GTUC?s public lecture, Dr Joyce Aryee, Chief Executive Officer of Salt and Light Ministry, blamed the challenges confronting the country on failure of the leaders to forecast challenges accurately and institute pragmatic steps to remedy them.

She said Ghana as a country endowed with abundant natural resources and technology of the times, has no reason to be poor, arguing that the resources and technology presented ample opportunities for the advancement of the economy.

She expressed regret that in spite of the resources, many people in Ghana and Africa were still wallowing in abject poverty ? worsening food insecurity, poor response to epidemics and health, education and infrastructure challenges as well as security threats.

She also slammed the situation on corruption eating the social fabrics of the society, saying, ?corruption seems to have pervaded the society too much that, it leads to disintegration.?

?Ninety per cent of the world?s cobalt, 40% of the world?s potential electric power, 65% of the manganese, millions of acres of untilled land, in addition to other resources have all been blessed to Africa,? she said.

Despite this vast resource, Dr Aryee noted that the bulk of Africa?s people live in abject poverty.

She, therefore, called for a national action to deliberately nurture the youth locally to respond appropriately to national challenges and for faster development.

The Prestigious Lecture for its students and the public is a monthly event organised by the Graduate School of Ghana Technology University College.

The lectures create an opportunity for students and Faculty members to interact and share experiences with professionals and industry giants and corporate Ghana.

The lectures are delivered by seasoned professionals who have excelled in their various fields of endeavour, and want to share with the students and faculty practical insights into their respective fields.



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