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Ghana Shippers’ Authority (GSA) has taken another judicious step by organizing a sensitization workshop for haulage drivers in order to help address road safety issues along Ghana’s corridor.

The workshop was also aimed at highlighting on the new measures and also by creating a unique a platform for addressing concerns of the Haulage Truck Drivers and Owners on the corridor.

Participants at the workshop were taken through the new Transit registration procedures and the obligations on Owners and Drivers, Major provisions in the Road Traffic Regulations (L.I.2018).

Others were; Spot Fine Regime in Ghana, Implementation plan for the new load regime pursuance LI 2180, Regulation on Axle Load Control, Common offenses along the corridor and what constitute drunk driving.

Speaking at 2nd the second sensitization workshop which was held in Tema, the Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Shippers Authority Ms Benonita Bismarck, noted that Ghana Shipper’s in line with its mandate of promoting and protecting the interest of shippers (importers and exporters) has committed itself, over the years, to collaborating with stakeholders of trade and transport industry with the view of finding solutions challenges and bringing world – best practices to shipping industry of Ghana in order to make it very efficient and competitive.

Adding that, substantial efforts have been made to facilitate transit trade , with the view of ensuring that Ghana’s corridor remains one of the most attractive in the sub –region.

“It is our trite knowledge that there are fundamental issues affecting the Transit Trade that require our attention. Only recently there were sustained media report about the surging incidence of diversion of Transit Cargo into the local market,” she noted.

This she said, has necessitated the introduction of a number of measures by the Customs Division of GRA to curtail this practice.

“Our extensive collaboration in this direction, with institutions like GRA Customs, GPHA, West African Trade Hub (WATH) now Borderless Alliance , Ship Owners and Agents Association of Ghana and Freight Forwarding fraternity , among others are of public record.

In compliance with international agreements, protocols, conventions and other records, Ghana has offered its territory as a corridor for its landlocked neighbours to transit their goods to and from these countries.

Ghana’s quest to become the preferred transit country and consequently become the gateway to West African Sub-Region requires that we must all be committed to contributing our quota to finding solutions to the plethora of challenges affecting the growth of Transit Trade in Ghana,” she explained.

This she said, Ghana Shippers’ over the last two years instituted the E-Platforms for reporting Non-Tariff Barriers.

The performance report of this platform has indicated an average of 98% of all reported complaints against the Police, Axle Load Officers, Customs and other operatives along the corridor have been resolved.

She has therefore reminded all Truck Drivers to use the platform as their first point of call for issues along the corridor.

According to Ms Benonita Bismarck, Ghana Shippers’ Authority has also scheduled quarterly meeting with the Executive of various Transport Unions, with the view of discussing issues affecting their operations.

Mr Emmanuel Tetteh of Customs Division of GRA, also touched on New Transit Trade Procedures –Vehicle Registration, Bonding of Owners and involved in the Transit Trade: The new guidelines bar individual registration of vehicles used in transporting transit goods and impose a duty on new applicants to register with recognised transport unions before given clearance to operate.

According to him, the transport unions are enjoined to conduct due diligence on ownership and road worthiness of vehicles and would be held accountable for the conduct of the drivers for any breach of Customs regulations.

This he said, in order to make the transit trade transport regime full-proof and tighten Customs hold on preventing the diversion of transit goods; adding that driver licenses would also be renewed annually.

Source: Isaac Kofi Dzokpo/



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