A panel of some of the world’s top travel influencers and bloggers has selected Ghana as one of the top five emerging destinations on the continent of Africa for 2019. The annual awards honoring trending destinations were published last night on the site TravelLemming.com, which covers emerging destinations around the world.

Each year Travel Lemming gathers dozens of the world’s top travel influencers to select the next trendy travel destinations on each continent.

The site is also inviting readers to cast votes for their favorite destination, with the winning destination for each continent being crowned with the annual “Readers’ Award.” Readers can cast their votes at the article until December 20th.

In describing why Ghana was selected, the article reads: “West Africa hasn’t ever developed a major traveler hub in the way that some other regions of the continent have. But there is one place that’s ready and eager to assume that mantle: Ghana. A culturally rich country with idyllic beaches and abundant wildlife, Ghana also has the political and economic stability required to scale a tourism industry.”

One of the judges, Ghana-based travel blogger Lorissa Akua of The Only Way is Ghana quoted saying: “Ghana is full of such culture and beautiful sights. It is the gateway to Africa!”

Another judge, Amanda Ponzio-Mouttaki of the widely-acclaimed Morocco-based blog Maroc Mama added: “Ghana has such a rich history and offers diverse experiences for someone who wants to see West Africa. Whether it’s nightlife in Accra or hiking a national park there’s so much to do and see.”

Their fellow judges for the awards included Collette and Scott Stohler, the popular couples’ travel influencers behind Roamaroo, celebrated New York City-based blogger Jessie Festa of Jessie on a Journey, and Patrick Muntzinger, the rising-star influencer behind the site German Backpacker.

The judges are some of the most highly-respected leaders in the travel content industry, and collectively sport half a million followers on social media and Youtube.

The site TravelLemming.com is dedicated to the promotion of travel to emerging and off-beat travel destinations.

Nate Hake, CEO and founder of Travel Lemming, said: “The trend in travel these days, especially with the millennial crowd, is to explore destinations that aren’t traditionally on the tourist map. And that’s a trend worth celebrating, because there are so many incredible destinations – like Ghana – that deserve a place alongside more famous destinations.”

Travel Lemming was founded by Mr. Hake, an American traveler from Denver, Colorado who is most famous for visiting 43 countries in a single year.


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