At the Second Ghana Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition held here Tuesday, Deputy Minister of Finance Mona Quartey said the government was working with its partners to drive down prices of solar panels to ensure affordability.

“Renewable energy is a sustainable way to ensure access to electricity services in off-grid communities that are not likely to be connected to the national grid network in the foreseeable future,” Quartey said.


Quartey added that renewable energy also had the potential to augment the national generation capacity, saying “once we have adequate reserve margin, intermittent renewable technology like solar and wind can help to stabilize the power situation”.

Hundreds of companies, including some major Chinese solar energy firms, have erected their stalls and are exhibiting their renewable energy products.

The Chairman of the Energy Commission, Kwame Ampofo, said the event was important in promoting the desired use of renewable energy in the country.

“Our vision is to achieve a vibrant energy sector where renewable energy technologies form an integral and dominant part of our energy economy that enhances the sustainability of the national development process,” said Ampofo.

“The fair therefore seeks to encourage Ghanaians to buy into the idea of hooking up to renewable sources of energy for a better, cleaner future,” Ampofo added. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/News Ghana


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