President Mahama Returns Home From Malabo

President John Mahama has arrived home from Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, where he attended the Ordinary Summit of the Heads of State of the Gulf of Guinea Commission.

Mr. Mahama who returned on Saturday made a formal application for Ghana to join the Commission, explaining that Ghana and the other members of the Commission stand to gain a lot from information sharing and resource mobilisation to maintain security along the Gulf region.

While in Malabo, President Mahama also led a team from the Ghana National Gas Company, a state-owned company, to visit Equatorial Guinea?s Punta Europa Gas Complex in Malabo.

The Complex is made up of Equatorial Guinea LNG, which produces Liquefied Natural Gas, Marathon EG Production Limited, which provides EG LNG and another company called AMPCO with gas feedstock and also feeds Turbo Gas for local power generation, and Atlantic Methanol Production Company LLC (AMPCO) one of the world?s largest and lowest cost methanol producers.


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