The 2015/16 league season was originally scheduled to start on the 20th December, 2015 but due to many factors the league could not start on the scheduled date.

wpid-AshantiGold-won-the-Ghana-Premier-League-title.jpgThe Ghana football association apportion the blame to the litigation between Techiman City and Wa African united but from careful consideration the Ghana football association is hiding the main reason why the Ghana premier is unable to start.

The question we are asking is that, is the Ghana football association using the Techiman city- Wa Africa united as a decoy to cover up its sponsorship lapses?

November 2015, the First capital plus bank announced that they are suspending their 5 years contract with the Ghana football association ahead of the 2015/16 league season. The bank signed a five-year-deal with the Ghana Football Association in January 2014, worth $10 million in total and $2 million annually.

The bank stated that they are suspending the contract because the bank is undergoing restructuring but from careful investigations, the main reason for the suspension of the contract was poor branding of the league resulting to low publicity and patronage as well as constant change of dates for games within the season are some of the factors leading to the abrupt end of their contract.

In 2013 Globacom also terminated their sponsorship deal with the Ghana football association sitting poor branding and low patronage as the main reasons.

Concluding from the suspension of the contract, if the was started on December 20 there would have being no sponsors for the Ghana premier league.

In early September 2015, the ethics committee of the Ghana football association summoned Wa Africa United and Techiman over alleged match fixing scandal. The ethics committee delivered its decision in the same September. Techiman city then appeals decision of the ethics committee to the appeals committee, Techiman city wins the appeal and the case is referred back to the ethics committee to re-adjudicate the case.

The case was scheduled on November 4 and then from nowhere the case is adjourned to an indefinite date. So the question is why was the case adjourned indefinitely in November? If this case is ruled there will be no excuse for the Ghana premier league without sponsor to begin so perhaps is the Ghana football association is waiting to secure a sponsorship before ruling the case?

The heart breaking part of all is that, the Ghana football association is ending registration for players in the upcoming season on January 20. The league has no sponsors and again you do not even know what date the league will start.

From a clear distance you do not need to be an expect to say that, Ghana football association under Kwesi Nyantakyi has lost its way. How can club owners register players, camp the players and not knowing when the league will start.

This are the same reasons that characterized the Ghana premier league and deprive them from getting sponsorship for the league and then the Ghana football association come back and blame the media for them not getting sponsors for the league. If the league improves and gets better, it enhances the job of the media so why should the media be blamed for saying the truth?

Concluding, the question still remains that is the Ghana football association using the Techiman City- Wa Africa united case a decoy to cover up for not starting the Ghana premier league without sponsor?

For the sake and healthy local football, the Ghana football association should reschedule and adjudicate the Techiman City- Wa Africa united case with much urgency and set a date for the beginning of the 2015/16 season or better still 2016 season. Let those who have eyes listen.

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