The seized guns

The seized guns

A NOTORIOUS CRIMINAL in Kumasi, Hakeem Mohammed, has been shot dead and his death has resulted in the arrest of 12 people and seizure of offensive weapons including sophisticated guns and knives.

The deceased, according to the police, was shot dead around 2am on Tuesday after an encounter with the Aboabo Akurem neighbourhood watch committee, who were armed-to-the-teeth.

The police consequently arrested the 12 suspects, believed to be members of the Aboabo Akurem neighbourhood watch committee, to help unravel what led to Hakeem?s untimely death.

The law enforcement agents seized offensive weapons including four pump action guns, single barrel guns, one double barrel gun, two knives and 53 live cartridges from the suspects.

The police are holding the twelve men to help unravel the circumstances that led to the shooting and eventual death of Hakeem Mohammed, who is a notorious criminal, the paper was told.

In a press release authored by ASP Mohammed Yussif Tanko, PRO of the Ashanti Regional Police, it said ?the circumstances that led to the shooting is not yet known.?

He said the police are making frantic efforts to locate one Mutaka Mohammed, an accomplice of the deceased, who was present during the shooting but managed to escape with an injury, to help in investigations.

Explaining what actually happened, ASP Tanko said the police patrol team rushed to the scene after they learnt about the shooting incident that led to the death of Hakeem but they were unable to make any arrest.

However, he said, the police continued combing the area and luckily they chanced upon 12 armed wielding suspects, believed to be members of the Aboabo Akurem neighbourhood watch committee.

The police quickly arrested the twelve men and seized the offensive weapons in their possession around 9 am, adding that the police were holding the twelve men to assist them investigate circumstances that triggered the shooting that caused  the death of Hakeem.

ASP Tanko said the police had deposited the body of Hakeem at the morgue at KATH in Kumasi for autopsy.

Meanwhile, the arrest of the 12 men seemed to have also caused brouhaha at Aboabo Akurem. Several residents of the densely populated area were seen at the police station to show solidarity for the twelve captives.

The assemblyman for Akurem, Ibrahim Issah aka ?Red? who was also at the police station, told the media the arrested men were genuine neighbourhood watch committee members of Akurem, who protect the people.

He said their arrest and continual detention at the police station would instigate hoodlums that operate in the area to harass innocent people including women and children.

He said the seized guns were registered in the name of Akurem Neighbourhood Watch Committee, stressing that the 12 arrested people were not criminals but law abiding people, who were sacrificing their lives to maintain law and order.

Ali Issah, a resident of Akurem, said some hoodlums had formed a group by name ?Anrabagari? meaning ?divide the country,?  and terrorising the lives of the people until the neighbourhood watch committee was formed.

He said the gangsters attacked Akurem residents by firing guns indiscriminately on Tuesday morning following the death of Hakeem so the neghbourhood watch committee members picked their weapons and  faced  them.

Issah said during the clash which was terrible and bloody, the neighbourhood watch committee members managed to chase the hoodlums from the area.

He said it was when the Akurem neighbourhood watch committee members were returning with their weapons that the police appeared at the scene and arrested them.

 FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi


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