The BRT is a bus-based mass transit system that aims to significantly improve urban mobility and plays to the advantage of density, allowing transit to thrive and connects people quickly to their destinations.

The BRT service, which uses specialized buses on dedicated lanes, is being introduced by the Ghanaian government to ease transportation burdens in the cities.

On the first day of the five-day trial, patrons of the service were offered free rides on one of four routes earmarked for the program, on nine 40-seater air-conditioned buses fitted with USB ports and Wi-Fi services.

The trial can help the operators of the system to assess its efficiency, according to Roland Bruce, Communications Manager of the BRT system.

“This is a test run from today to Friday and the bus rides will be free. We’ll also undertake a mass education program in the coming weeks,” he told local media.

The project will later be extended to other parts of the country.

Earlier this month, a group of drivers threatened to strike nationwide to protest government’s beginning of the BRT service, saying the attempt would take away their jobs. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/News Ghana


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