The General Overseer for Power Word Ministry International located at Buokrom Estate,?Prophet Agyenim Boateng Asiamah has called on all Ghanaians to be at?standby?for an impending strange mode of disease transmission yet to hit majority of the nation’s?farm produce, poised to be transmitted at the end of each consumption.?

Diseases like, AIDS, hepatitis, Schistosomiasis, respiratory disease, hypertension, diabetes, convulsion plus a galaxy of their nature. ? According to Prophet Agyenim Boateng in a prophetic prediction will no longer bear their normal mode of infection?but will switch to a different cause, briefing that consumable farm produce particularly vegetables?will be spiritually polluted with any of the above diseases, defying medical senses and that should an individual fail to exercise enough prayer over any consumed foodstuff, chances are high that one may acquire the diseases.

Following this mode of transmission, the level of infection he indicated in an interview with The Moment will be very high and that many lives will be claimed in the process if enough care is not taken by way of intensive intercession on behalf of the country.

Immoral activities with its attendant promiscuous lives???he noted will also be on the ascendency as modern cosmetics and dresses will be spiritually manipulated and made to?trap the attention of the masses and?induced with?evil lust, causing?users?to act immorally.

According to Prophet Agyenim Boateng Asiamah, Ghana is consequently expected to be hard hit by an unusual wave of a high rate of crime, sexual immorality, child delinquency etc, giving way for a spiritual perversion where the human character or the character of the people where this evil act is taking place and?nature?becomes corrupted or filled with?unclean spirits?if the inhabitants fail to repent from their evil ways and pray to God for forgiveness so as to avert the foregoing event from happening.

Further in his statement, Prophet Agyenim Boateng brought to book that due to the reluctance and unbelief? on the part of a cross? section of Ghanaians towards prophesies that relates to the destiny of the country, Ghana always fallen prey to them unaware.

Many previous prophesies concerning impending disasters uttered by God’s servants all materialized not because the carriers of the message desired their fulfilment but because they were relegated to the refuse as a result of a lack of faith.


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