It said it had put in place all the necessary measures to ensure that the targeted production figures were achieved.

“As of our last count, our purchasing figures pointed to the fact that we are on course to meeting the target,” Noah Amenya, Head of Communications at COCOBOD, told Xinhua here over the telephone on Monday.

He explained that the drop in production for the 2014/2015 crop year was as a result of the production cycle the cocoa tree went through.

“The 740,000 metric tons we recorded last year was a drop from a near 900,000 metric tons in the previous year which is the second highest production figure in the history of cocoa in Ghana,” the Communications Manager explained.

Ghana is the second largest producer of cocoa after its western neighbor, Côte d’Ivoire, but total production for last year fell to 740,000 metric tons after producing one million metric tons in 2011, while price on the global market averaged 2,158 U.S Dollars on February 25 2016.

Amenya added that the COCOBOD had put in place soil fertility improvement methods through the distribution of free fertilizers to farmers, in addition to pesticide spray and other hi-tech agronomic practices last year.

“We are expecting that these measures will contribute to better crop yields this year to help us achieve our target for the year,” he added.

He was therefore confident that if the targets were not met, then it would have been a factor other than the any others COCOBOD had been trying to correct.

Some private processing companies in Ghana imported some 15,500 metric tons of cocoa beans from Cote d’Ivoire during the 2015 light crop season to augment what they had in Ghana for the year while the Cocoa Processing Company (CPC) with majority state-ownership shutting down some of its production units.

The minority in parliament therefore summoned the Minister for Finance whose ministry has direct responsibility for the cocoa sector to explain to parliament developments in the cocoa sector which plays a significant role in Ghana’s economic development and stability. Enditem.

Source: Xinhua


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