Mr Adotei Brown, President of the Ghana Institute of Architects (GIA), on Thursday called for the adoption of ?developmental control? in urban design to manage overpopulation and congestion in the country?s cities.

He advocated stock-taking measures to ensure that top-ranking individuals, governments, wealthy persons and other influential ones do not dictate the rather faster and uncontrollable pace of urbanisation.

Mr Brown was speaking to the Ghana News Agency at the end of a media launch of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Institute. in Accra.

He expressed worry that rapid uncontrolled urbanisation had resulted in the destruction of the natural environment stressing that most urban dwellers did not enjoy the pleasure of being woken up by either a cock?s crow or a bird?s melodious song.

Mr Brown said indiscriminate building, improper sanitary conditions, lack of drainage system and poor ventilation systems beleaguered the country.

He underscored the socio-economic role architecture played in the lives of the citizenry.

Mr Brown said GIA had so much to celebrate her 50 years of achievements.

He said the Institute had ?come a long way? and that the celebration was about commemorating ?maturity in design and use of quality materials.?

Activities earmarked for the 50th Anniversary include a public forum, lecture, tour, dinner and awards night.

The history of the GIA dates back to the prior existence of the Gold Coast Society of Architects (GCSA) that was founded in July 1954.

History has it that a letter dated in May 1954 and written by Mr. Arthur Lindsay, the Honorary Secretary,  had invited all practicing architects in the Gold Coast to come together.

As a follow up to that meeting, the GCSA was inaugurated in 1954 when 14 architects were said to be present to grace the occasion.

They were G.S Knight (President), Arthur Lindsay (Hon. Secretary), B.A.W Trevallion, (Hon. Treasurer), Kenneth M. Scott (Hon. Public Relations Officer) and E.W Williamson.

Also present were A. Williamson, Max Garlach, G.C Harris, A.K Sulton, M.R. Griffiths, K. Wood, H. J. Pine, G.P Smith and L.P Williams.

With the attainment of the independence of Ghana, the Gold Coast prefix was changed to the Ghana prefix of the Society of Architects.

Source: GNA


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