A new study from MoneySuperMarket reveals how people impact their environment, from different countries around the world.

The new research highlights the individual contribution to the world’s climate – as well as highlighting areas for improvement for each country. The study helps identify the biggest contributors to negative environmental impact, but the results are also surprising, placing five African countries in the top 10 for lowest environmental impact.

According to the infographic, Mozambique was number one in the global rankings, with the lowest human impact on the environment per person. Nearly all of the energy they use is produced from green energy (99.87%), and they only produce 0.14 kg of waste per person per day (America produces 2.58 kg).

Using the interactive map you can view the breakdown of the different measurements that make up the average individual human impact in each country, including energy consumption, air pollution and reliance on non-renewable energy. See the MoneySuperMarket human impact interactive map here.

Other countries are not doing enough to protect the environment

Elsewhere in Africa, Ethiopia, Zambia, Kenya and Ghana also ranked 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th respectively.

Africa as a continent topped the charts and featured strongly in their use of green energy, their low CO2 emissions and their low levels of air pollution and waste production.

However, South Africa ranked as one of the ten worst countries for its impact on the environment.

In comparison with other African countries, South Africa came out worst for their human impact on the environment, along with Trinidad and Tobago, the US and China.