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The Madiba
The Madiba

Former president Nelson Mandela who died last Thursday at the age of 95 would be buried in ten days time. Owing to his achievements as a freedom fighter his?? funeral and burial is likely to attract the largest delegations ever from governments and his admirers? ?the world over. All governments including Ghana must endeavor to send an all inclusive delegations to the funeral to depict the character and objective of the Madiba.

The delegation to be led by the president John Mahama should include former Presidents J.J Rawlings and J.A Kufuor and some leaders of the political parties in Ghana. All these leaders may not belong to the same political parties yet they hold nelson Mandela highly. President Mahama considers late South Africa?s leader as a man who cherished free society while President Rawlings and Kufuor considered him as an icon of true democracy and a saint respectively

The reason for my call for an all inclusive delegation to nelson Mandela?s funeral?? is that he was an iconic leader who got ?admired by all with his character as a unifier who lived and died working to uplift the image of? and ?unite his nation and ?Africa.

We may draw our lessons from some nations like United States of America during high profile funerals.? Although the United States will be represented at the funeral by president Obama and his wife it is most likely the delegation may include leading members of ??the two major political parties in the United States. Even though? ?no high? profile person from the presidency ?attended the ?funeral of late Margaret Thatcher recently the president sent a high powered delegation from the republican and democratic parties.

The White House tapped ex-Secretaries of State George Shultz and James A. Baker III to lead the American delegation, which also included Barbara Stephenson, the charge d?affaires at the U.S. Embassy in London, and Louis Susman, former U.S. ambassador to the U.K., according to The Associated Press

Again when President Anwar Sadat of Egypt was assassinated at a parade ?in Egypt president Reagan chose former presidents Ford, Jimmy Carter, and Nixon to represent the United States at the funeral

President Reagan was pleased with their readiness to undertake the trip on behalf of the United States. He therefore expressed his thanks to the Presidents, for undertaking this sad mission. Their presence in Cairo according President Nixon was meant to express to the Egyptian people the depth of America’s grief and sorrow at the loss of a great leader and a beloved friend. ?In addition that gesture of sending an all inclusive delegation gave proof to the depth of democracy in the United States

Another reason why President Reagan chose the three presidents was because their ?close relationship with the late Egyptian president when they were leaders when ?the united states was mediating to bring peace during the war ?between the Arab states led by Egypt and Israel? .




It should not be difficult for Ghana under President Mahama to attend the funeral of late Mandela with former presidents and leaders of the political parties in Ghana .Already the nature of our nation tells it all. Those things that attract us to get united are more than those that divide us. Generally we engage seriously in partisan politics once every four years after which we largely get back our normal businesses and activities working together as one people in one nation under God.

Today one finds that our churches mosques are filled with people from all political and ethnic groups and interests.?? We all meet at festivals and funerals, naming ceremonies and marriages together.

In our markets no one can tell us apart as members of political parties and ethnic groups.

In our parliaments our political parties work together to serve as check on the executive and other arms of government

Having assumed a posture of a rainbow nation ourselves we need to present a delegation to South Africa that will depict our nation as one and united country under God

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