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It will be a tragedy if Ghana legalizes homosexuality, Dr. Kwesi Osei, the country’s Chief Psychiatrist has warned.

Apart from being an abnormality with regards to sexual orientation, Dr. Osei who spoke in an interview here Friday after a day’s consultative forum on sexual rights issues, said the phenomenon was alien to Ghanaian and African culture and was not even to be considered among the top 10 priority issues the country is grappling with.


There has been pressure from some western countries on African countries including Ghana to legalize Homosexuality

However organizations such as The National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values (NCPHSRFV) organizers of the consultative forum as well as parliament and the religious community have been in the forefront of resistance to the attempts.

“We cannot legalize gay rights. This is not to say that we must seek out people who are gay and persecute them. But we can also not legalize gay rights,” the experienced psychiatrist emphasized.

In paraphrasing a recent response by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on the same issue, Dr Osei who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Mental Health Authority (MHA) pointed out that gay issues were not the top issues Ghana or any other African country should be dealing with.

He urged the country to be focused rather on issues of women empowerment, child abuse, Trokosi (ritual slavery in fetish shrines), Witches camps and poverty eradication .

The psychiatrist wondered why the western world had criminalized polygamy which is part of African culture but were rather trying to impose an abnormal practice which was alien to African culture.

Homosexuality he argued was not different from bestiality, or pedophilia or fetishism (where people would smell undergarments of the opposite sex for sexual satisfaction), describing them all as abnormalities that needed treatment to correct.

In his argument, the Chief Psychiatrist explained that although the scientific community, based on a mere survey chose to declare homosexuality as a normal thing, there was no scientific basis for such a position.

“There is absolutely no scientific basis . yes, there is a biological basis –a hormonal imbalance,- of some people having homosexual tendencies, and that is the biological basis of their being abnormal with respect to their sexual orientation,” he stressed.

He urged parliament to legislate that homosexuality is not part of Ghana’s system, urging that any attempt to put in academic curricular in the country that homosexuality was a normal sexual orientation should be resisted.

The convener of NCPHSRFV, Moses Foh Amoaning a legal practitioner disclosed that steps were underway to get parliament to legislate against the acceptance of Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) rights in Ghana.

Amoaning cautioned that the attempt to impose such an alien culture on Africa was an attempt to reverse the continent’s population growth, “which must be resisted.”

“The international community must respect the fact that our customary law which is recognized by the constitution abhors homosexuality,” he stressed.

Members of parliament were unanimous in their condemnation, Wednesday of attempts by western countries to impose LGBT rights on the country. Enditem


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