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China To Revive Ailing Solar Power Industry
Workers install a solar panel in Jiuquan, Gansu province, July 14, 2013.
Workers install a solar panel in Jiuquan, Gansu province, July 14, 2013.

By: Kwabena Osei

Another thermal plant will not solve Ghana?s energy problem, solar panels on the roof of individual households is the solution to our energy crises, whiles Akosombo, Bui Dam and Takoradi thermal plant feeds the industries.


Solar will be cheaper that thermal plant when you look at the Lifecycle cost for the two. When you include the environmental cost solar is master. Ghana is blessed with energy from the sun, gold from the earth and good and knowledgeable people to utilize this free energy from the sun to fuel our economy.

We should not go the same direction as the so called develop nations like the US, UK, Germany and the rest. We should go solar to be different, efficient, effective and environmentally friendly for the sake of the coming generation. We should be sustainable in our development. We should

Thermal plant will pollute our environment, strain our economy and jet will not be able to solve our energy crises. It will only provide us with short term solution.

But solar will not pollute the environment, strain our economy and still solve our energy crises. That is why I believe solar is the LONG TERM SOLUTION to our energy crises ? not thermal plant and it cannot be thermal plant

We can have solar panels on individual households and they will still be paying their electricity bills at halve rate. Then Akosombo, Bui, Takoradi thermal plant will supply electricity to the big industries. Electricity will be cheaper for the companies, they will employ more people, more tax payers healthy economy, good people and hence a prosperous nation Ghana.


President Mahama ? please go solar to solve Ghana?s energy problem in the long term. Go solar to eradicate our energy crises. Go solar for the sake of the coming generation. Go solar as Ghana?s way to fulfill Kiyoto Protocol to help save plant Earth. Go solar because this is the right time.


Kwabena Osei

[email protected]

0249 05 06 53


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