I want to start by saying congratulates to the organizers of Ghana movie awards for all their assiduous efforts in making sure the GMA comes to stay till infinity.

Being part of the media committee for the awards right from day one informs us that, although the organizers of the award and the Founder of the award, Mr. Fred Nuamah, have really done prodigiously in making sure the awards will always be one of the most prominent and respectable awards in Ghana and Africa. Nonetheless, there are lots of gainsays pundits? thinks Fred Nuamah and his team is overlooking which can harm the future of the award scheme.

Although we don?t want to go into the sensitive areas, below are some of the assertions of pundits in the industry, sampled by Ghanasuperstars.com;

The Car saga: Four movie stars (Jackie Appiah, Juliet Ibrahim, Roselyn Ngissah and Yvonne Okoro) won a car for the movie ? Reloaded; because they all played Lead roles respectively. Till date, whether the car has been sold or not, none of us can vehemently tell and no authoritative press release regarding it has been issued to that effect.

At a point in time, a grapevine had it that the car was to be given to Funny Face, a move some industrial players contested strongly because in their opinions, such an action would not have made sense. Some even suggested the car goes to names like Majid Michel, Eddie Nartey,Roselyn Ngissah and others who have contributed colossally with their talent as full time actors.

Industrial Awards: with 4 months to the 2012 GMA, many Executive producers, producers, film marketers and distributors are still waiting to see if all the issues in the 2011 GMA will be addressed before they participates in this year?s award.

Memorial Plaques: Many stars did not receive their plaques for last year?s award scheme. In fact actress Martha Ankomah was bold enough to come public some months ago. ?I have still not received my plaque!? Other producers have also been held off air sharing their pains in why the organizers can?t give them a simple plaque; ?we will like to know when the movie stars plaques will get to them, then ours as well?.

Reviewing the movies: We have only 4 months to the movie award, we wish and hope all the movies that the college will receive from film makers shall be reviewed before nomination into the various categories because to review over 4000 Twi and English movies within four months is quite an onerous task.

We wishes Fred Nuamah and his team all the best in all their endeavors to promote the image of the Ghana movie industry. Do you agree with these pundits?

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