climate change
climate change
climate change
climate change

A national policy implementation strategy document has been developed to guide the implementation of the national climate change policy (NCCP).

The strategy was mapped out of the NCCP to operationalize its implementation.

The policy implementation strategy document, which is at the draft stage, is meant to provide a practical strategy toward achieving the tenets in the NCCP document.

The deputy director in charge of Climate Change at the Ministry Of Environment Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI) announced.

He said the document is going through national consultation to make it accurate and fine-tuned.

The draft document had identified problems associated with climate change, their causes and had outlined strategies to solving the problems.

The document, an initiative of the MESTI, was put together by a 10-member consortium made up of consultants and experts in the various climate change issues addressed by the policy.

Source: Andrews Nettey


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