Mike Adenuga-Globacom’s founder

Hotel Glo mobile Ghana, mobile operator licensed in Israel, 6th already has a fine of 200,000 dollars with a slap or its equivalent by the Ghana cedi national communications authority (NCA) begin commercial operations commence in three years after it was granted a license.

The company’s failure to redeem the fine promotion is another 100,000 every year or its equivalent prior year cedi.

The company has continuously flout the license requirements, the industry will have to withdraw his licence to the regulator.

Haruna Iddrisu, Minister of communications, who confirmed to the daily graphic in Accra, described the move by the regulator in the industry as “just as it is in line with the regulations license, in conjunction with NCA law.

Three years ago the mobile hotel Glo Ghana, which was very instrumental mtmichto of the country’s Premier League, and was awarded the license to operate a mobile telecommunications company in the sixth.

Since then, the company was itself involves lots of activity on social responsibility (CSR) across the country, there is also now a massive marketing campaign to whet the appetite of Ghanaians.

The company has, however, consistently rejected its scheduled date to start commercial service, performing many lose interest in the brand.

According to the license grant to the company, the first stage of implementation of the terms of a license should see hotel Glo run at least six areas of the country two years after, add two more regions as part of phase 2 and walk all over the country through its service after a few years the third step.

However, in spite of such conditions, be not started operations.

Source: the daily graphic



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