Vice President Kwesi Amissah Arthur has revealed that government will take care of the medical bills of victims affected by Wednesday?s floods and explosion at a GOIL filling station. ?This is a tragedy that affects everyone and as a sign of our common humanity, the government has decided underwrite the medical bills of those injured in the disaster and are in the hospital? the Vice President?said at a memorial service held at the Flagstaff House to commence the 3-day national mourning for victims.

Amissah-Arthur-620x330Over 90 people perished when the GOIL fuel station at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle exploded during a heavy downpour while several others were washed away by the floods. Reacting to the development, the Vice President said: ?We are all saddened by the horrendous experience of victims ? Many Ghanaians ?and probably some other nationals of neighbouring countries have lost their lives in the most painful and heartbreaking manner.? Many organisations including government have so far disbursed some funds to support the victims since the incident occurred.

The Vice President acknowledged the efforts of those agencies in rescuing persons trapped by the flood and fire, adding that ?government?s relief efforts will continue.?

Carefully follow weather forecast

The Ghana Meteorological Agency has warned that Ghana will experience massive torrential rainfall between the last week of May and the middle of June every year.

Mr. Amissah Arthur reminded Ghanaians to ?carefully follow the weather forecast and take steps to protect particularly school children during this period.? Disbursement begins? In a related development, government has began releasing money for the support of residents of Accra who were affected by the floods. President Mahama announced after a crisis meeting at the Flagstaff House that 50 million cedis would be allocated to help with relief efforts in the capital following the floods and the inferno which razed the fuel station. ?Our current priority now is to save lives and prevent any further suffering of our people. Beyond that we will take the tough measures that are necessary to prevent such disasters in future,? the President said last Thursday.


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