Bishop Dr. Charles Agyin Asare
Bishop Dr. Charles Agyin Asare

Bishop Dr. Charles Agyin Asare Chancellor of Perez University College has called on students to be focused, humble and ready to learn to become self-motivated.

He said they should remember to trust in the Lord with all their heart, acknowledge him and lean not their own understanding.

Bishop Dr. Agyinasare made the call while addressing the 12th Matriculation of 80 fresh students to undertake undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the University for the 2018/2019 academic year at a ceremony held in the University at Gomoa Pomadze near Winneba.

The ceremony was on the theme “The entrepreneurial Ethos: an essential requirement for every graduate”.

Beloved, as you are being admitted in this institution, I need you to always remember that you have two options: you can either come and get information or education here and pass your examination for passing sake or use the information you have acquired and use it’s as a learning ground and springboard to cause meaningful change in the society, he said.

He said, the former will give you a certificate and a little, but the latter will get you to be a change agent and also to be financially independent.

In a time where there are myriads of graduate churned out, but few jobs to meet the supply of those willing and able to work, I believed the key is entrepreneurship, that is why Perez University College is focused on being an entrepreneurial institution that will produce world-class graduates, world-class job creators will alleviate the economic and financial challenges of our continent, he stated.

According to him entrepreneurial mindset is first of divinely expected and sanctioned, saying even the Lord Jesus Christ showed us that opportunities are everywhere, and that as people we should not be in the business of identifying problem, but rather of solving them.

Bishop Dr. Agyinasare said further that, if Christians do not build churches nobody will, if government do not build bridges and major roads, nobody will and if entrepreneurs do not create jobs, nobody will, and added that Ghana is looking for entrepreneurs.

There are too many opportunities out there that he believe no one of them who have be admitted in the University should go back home and remain poor, he added.

Professor J. D. Owusu-Sekyere, Reactor of the University advising the matriculates said the journey they are embarking is full of challenges and with regard they should be focused and resolute on achieving the reason why they are in Perez University.

He urged them to beware of self-destructive behaviors and also to strictly exhibit the values and principles of this Christian University to their colleagues, lecturers, staff and the entire community.

The Reactor and Mr. Mac D. Arkoh Head of Registry of the University administered the Oath of the matriculation.


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