Some School of Hygiene Graduates in Ho Clad in Red

Some School of Hygiene Graduates in Ho Clad in Red

Graduates of the School of Hygiene in Ho and Tamale have bemoaned what they described as inhumane attitude of the government to frustrate them over their postings.

Currently, the 2011 and 2012 batches of the two Colleges of Hygiene numbering about 514 have been wallowing in their various homes jobless and penniless. Until last March, the 2010 year groups were also at home.

Most of them told DAILY GUIDE that they had regretted offering the two-year programme which they say had retarded their academic progression and personal development by making them stagnant for at least two years.

One of the embittered graduates, Prince Dzramado who spoke to DAILY GUIDE wondered why such a small number of environmental health and sanitation professionals have been made to go through such frustrations.

According to them, it had become a norm by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development; the outfit in charge of their posting to ignore them for at least two years after they graduated before posting.

Inversely, the students were supposed to get their postings about three months after completion of the certificate programme and are supposed to have a three-year experience before continuing their education at the Kintampo College of Health, Korle-Bu School of Hygiene and University of Cape Coast for a Diploma.

They noted that a letter written to the President and the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development last February concerning their plight was yet to be replied.

The situation, they said, was very frustrating and inhumane since it had adverse effects on them, psychologically, professionally and financially. The dejected graduates have therefore appealed to the President to as a matter of urgency to direct the Local Government Ministry to execute their overdue postings.

They have also pleaded that the responsibility of their postings be reverted to the Ministry of Health; the institution that formerly handled their postings. Apparently, the Ministry handles their tuition but not posting. They also made a suggestion to the Ministry to be included in the National Service Scheme. The frustrated graduates are requesting for an internship programme with allowance after completion, while they waited for their actual postings.

From Fred Duodu, Ho


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