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Section of the participants

Government has been urged to facilitate the implementation of the Representation of the Peoples’ Amendment Act (ROPAA) in the 2020 elections to make it accessible to all.

Togo and Nigeria-resident members of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), made the call through the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Klikor in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta region.

Mr Mawuko Avinu, Chairman, NDC-Togo Chapter, also appealed to the Electoral Commission (EC) to maintain its good image in the management of the ROPAA.

He said it would be cheaper and less strenuous to implement ROPAA in Togo than in United States of America or the United Kingdom and that they were waiting to see where government would place its priority.

Mr Avinu said it is wrong to view all Ghanaians in Togo as pro-NDC, saying there were large numbers of Ghanaian New Patriotic Party supporters in Togo.

“We all know that there are almost all Ghanaian tribes in Togo, such as Fantis from Central Region, Akan-Nzema speaking tribes from Ashanti, Eastern, Western, the Frafras and Dogombas and others from the Northern parts, with Greater Accra topping the list, followed by Volta and how can you say these people are NDC supporters ?”, he said.

He said they normally register and vote mainly in Aflao in Ketu South Municipality and other frontline districts because of the distance to their home towns.

He said it was therefore frustrating when they were harassed, sometimes locked up in police cells or the Aflao border is closed to prevent them from voting in the county.


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