Four to five hours after voting started in Ghana?s 2012 elections, it has been peaceful so far.

Voters have queued in lines waiting patiently for their turns to cast their votes.

There were however, some hitches. Voting materials arrived late at some polling centres, some voters have to make more than four attempts before the verification machines confirmed them to vote.

The other hitch was polling stations were segregated into about three with voters? names in alphabetical order ? neither voters nor polling officials were aware of this development. As a result voters would stand in line at one centre and when it is their turn to vote, their names would not be found. Polling officials said they resolved the issue by taking the voter to the next centre where they have their names to vote without standing in the queue.

At some polling stations at the South Ablekuma Constituency of the Greater Accra Region, about half of the voters on the register have cast their

ballots by 11:30 am, leaving the centres empty. But officials are hopeful voters will turn up to vote before voting closes.

See more photos here.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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