This is a letter the PPP has sent to the Electoral Commission:

11 December 2012

Dr. K. Afari-Gyan
Electoral Commission

Dear Sir:

Request for the urgent initiation of reforms in our electoral process and system

The Progressive People?s Party (PPP) wishes to bring to the attention of the Electoral Commision (EC) the fact that we identified serious lapses in the voting, collation and declaration of Presidential and Parliamentary results. The PPP finds the anomalies identified very disturbing as they indicate a real likelihood of compromising the integrity of the entire 2012 results and future ones as well. For example, in the Assin South constituency, the PPP was assigned 134
votes for both the Presidential and Parliamentary contest but upon a protest to recount by the Parliamentary Candidate our parliamentary vote count was confirmed at 1,487. On the other hand, the presidential result of over 500 votes remained unchanged. This is only one example of the problems we recorded. We find it unfortunate that the EC did not take its time to re-check the provisional results before declaring a winner in the presidential election. If that had been done, it would have guaranteed the integrity of the results. It would have also been better if the EC had published the numbers from the verification machines to enable proper cross checking with the results obtained by our polling agents. The question is why the haste in declaring the results?

The PPP has come to stay and is a party for the future. Therefore, we are interested in the long term viability and credibility of the electoral system. Since our registration as a political party, we have identified problems with the implementation of the Political Parties Law that if not resolved can lead to chaos in future elections. The EC must enforce the political parties act and disqualify parties that do not meet the minimum criteria within the next six months.

The Political Parties Law requires that that parties meet the following requirements:

1. Be national in character.

2. Have offices opened in at least two-thirds of all districts in the country.

3. Have officers elected at the constituency, regional and national levels under the supervision of
the EC.

4. Provide financial reports.

The EC since 1992 has failed to audit the ability of the existing parties to meet these requirements. No political party has been disqualified or removed from the register of parties as a result of not meeting these and other requirements.

It is clear that the Law places limits on who can make contributions to fund political parties and campaigns. However, the EC has not made any attempt to enforce the provisions of the Law in this area. We have every reason to believe that foreign governments, individuals and companies
are funding the campaigns of political parties in Ghana. The 2012 election is one case of blatant participation of foreigners in the funding of political parties and their campaigns. This places parties like the PPP that are self-funding from its members and Ghanaian supporters at a huge disadvantage. This is one of the reasons why we cannot the PPP cannot agree that the 2012 elections have been free and fair. We recommend that the EC begins the process immediately to put steps into place for the verification, documentation and auditing of campaign funding.

On the matter of voting we recommend that the EC moves to a fully electronic voting system similar to those found in Brazil, Mexico etc. with some minimum conditions:

? Votes are transmitted electronically to two separate locations.

? International observers are allowed FULL ACCESS to the entire process, no closed door sessions at the polling stations.

? Two internationally recognized audit firms, under 50%/50% contracts with local audit firms, audit the results independently and cross-check each other?s work.

? The electronic voting machinery should be designed by a Ghanaian technology firm in partnership with an international major in technology. It will be designed such
that ?rejected ballots? shall be zero. Each political party that meets the Political Parties? Act criteria to become a political party will be granted a seat on the board of the voting
machine company. We can no longer accept a system where over 250,000 votes are not counted. 250,000 votes are enough to decide an election.

We would appreciate the opportunity to meet and discuss our concerns. Our aim is to ensure that that the EC, an important independent institution is strengthened for the benefit of all Ghanaians.

God bless our Homeland, Ghana.

Yours Sincerely,

Nii Allotey Brew-Hammond

National Chairman


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