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The organisers of the Ghana DJ Awards have announced that the much awaited event will take place on October 26, at the National Theatre in Accra.

The event, aimed at promoting and rewarding the best achieving Ghanaian Radio, Night Club and ?recognized? mobile Disk Jockeys (DJ) put together by Merqury Republic Events, has been designed to bring more excitement to the DJ profession in Ghana.

According to Merqury Quaye, chief executive officer of Merqury Republic Events, the Ghana DJ Awards, which would witness performances from some selected music stars, was being organised to empower Ghanaian Disc Jockeys to create a loyal patronage for Disc Jockey driven events and also to create exciting activities or promotions that would help sustain public interest in the art of Disc Jockeying.

Ghana DJ Awards would also honour one of the country?s most hardworking and dedicated Disk Jockeys who promoted Ghanaian culture through music, as well as skilfully played music to entertain music lovers in Ghana and other parts of the world.

He stressed that the event was expected to attract Ghana?s top musicians, stakeholders in the music and copyright sectors, a cross-section of music lovers and the general public.

The CEO noted that the showbiz industry in Ghana was a multi-million dollar worldwide business as well as a tool for immense magnetic tourism attraction.

He reiterated his outfit?s commitment to promote the showbiz industry as a whole, for economic development, adding that it would ensure that the industry got the necessary attention it deserved.

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