Ghanaian Mobile telecoms service operators will be granted permit to deploy Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems(UMTS) in un-served and underserved communities across the country, Director-General of the National Communications Authority Joe Anokye announced here on Thursday.

The beneficiary Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are those who already have existing second Generation (2G) licenses to operate.

“The decision is expected to result in increased data access to areas which hitherto were not covered by MNOs with 3G services,” Anokye explained.

The Director-General added that since this would lead to a maximization of spectrum use, it would result in enhanced, consistent 3G user experience and reduce 3G coverage black spots.

He added that the UMTS, a 3G technology, made it easier for telecos to expand their data coverage with minimum costs, especially as they could reach out to people in rural areas at less cost.

He stressed that the key consideration in making this decision was the consumer, hence NCA would be monitoring the UMTS deployment to ensure that all these benefits that were penned down would reach the consumer.

The technology introduces choice and competition for the consumer while increasing data penetration, improved spectral efficiency and handover problems.

“With this, we will be promoting digital inclusion in Ghana so consumers in deprived areas will see the immense benefits, especially the improvement with their access to data and data services,” he said.

The authorization will allow the use of 3G services in the 900 MHz band and shall be granted at specific locations across the country upon application by Telcos. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/


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