plastic waste
plastic waste

Ghana’s Minister of Sanitation and Water Resources Kofi Adda on Thursday said the government was consulting with investors to convert waste into value-added products such as energy, compost fertilizer and recycled plastics.

He said this would reduce the final residue of waste to a minimum level which would not require huge landfill sites to dispose of.

Addressing the media in Accra, Adda said the initiative formed part of government’s plan to convert waste into by-products.

Waste management has become one of the biggest challenges confronting Ghana.

In the capital Accra alone, some 2,800 tonnes of municipal solid waste is generated daily.

Just about 2,200 tonnes is collected, leaving a backlog of 600 tonnes in open drains and water bodies that results in flooding during the raining season.

The minister said the government had secured funds from the China’s Exim Bank and other sources to undertake projects aimed at upping Ghana’s rating internationally on improved sanitation.

A 2-billion-U.S.-dollar China Exim Bank facility will help Ghana construct two major waste sorting or transfer stations in each of the 10 regions.

“A team has come from China … they have given us preliminary ideas as to how they want to undertake that,” he said. Enditem

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